Spurn Point is the debut album by London based artist Shelley Parker. The title for the album references "Spurn Point", a peninsula off the North Sea coast and former British military defence base near her hometown which approximately every 250 years due to tidal currents, physically deconstructs and reconstructs to a new position. This cyclical process of deconstruction and reconstruction of matter over time is mirrored in Parker's 8 track album in which new compositions are presented from projects (2011 – 2013) utilizing edits and extracts from installations: Bird Cage, Boiler House, Northfleet, performances: Flat Time House, Noise Floor, Beachy Head, Hull and the video piece Spectral.

Digital Mastering: Hue Jah Fink @ Binary Feedback

Artwork: Neil Gorman

CD + digital release available at Boomkat here

Boomkat review:

London-based sound artist/producer/DJ, Shelley Parker presents an inquisitive album of alien concr¸te structures compiled from edits and extracts of her performances/installations/videos over the last five years. 'Spurn' follows the aesthetic themes of her 'Sleeper Line' EP for Entr'acte in eight pieces that tease out and augment a latent sense of "techno" from industrial field recordings and documentation of her work, focusing on its rhythmic and spatial qualities. The results are best defined in terms of their physical bass presence and structured patterns, drawing analogs with both the canonical minimalism of Steve Reich, Philip Glass or La Monte Young, and the dynamics of early '90s dance music, from D&B's angular anarchitextures to the stark constructions of Pan Sonic. In doing so, she gives the inanimate physical world a sort of emotive voice, one which it's possible to understand thru the repetition of its raw gesture and frictional inference amplified and given clearer diction by Shelley's electronic EQ'ing.