To mark the end of her 1 year residency at Space in London (Feb 2012 – 2013) POWER STATION EP is a digital release by Shelley Parker. The residency was largely inspired by Dungeness Power Station in Kent. The outcomes of this residency resulted in spatial recordings from the power station translated in to 2 new compositions, a performance (July 2012) and a film screening at Supernormal Festival August 2012.



CURRENT (March 2012) Current is a composition of site specific field recordings sourced at Dungeness Power Station focusing on the 200 HZ low hum of electricity resonating from the substation and the static hiss of pylons. The track is interrupted with a live recording of the audio files transfer from the sound recorder transforming the track into a live circuit of the site specific recording process. Equally Current draws influences from the physicality of the power station's penetrating sound and it's sonic similarity to the experiential impact of purpose built machine made music played through a large club sound system.


WHITE BUILDING (July 2012) Current was presented as a live improvisation of the field recordings sourced at Dungeness Power Station and incorporated a live contact mic on the sub bass monitor feeding back to the desk. Constructed from an ambisonic recording of this performance, White Building investigates the potential for bass to operate as a feral frequency within a live, improvised and architectural context. The project also sets out to examine the relationship between the decommissioned substation at Dungeness and it's existing sonic heritage as a now defunct architectural artefact