STRUC01CD is the first release from STRUCTURE a new limited edition label project developed by London based artist Shelley Parker. Inspired by minimalist composition, spatial recording and improvised electronics, the compilation fuses these approaches with aspects of techno, bass music and the roughness of classic British hardcore. This cross connecting of dialogues and sonic processes sits at the core of the label's identity and its appeal for today's audiences who have an appreciation for both electronic dance music and more experimental sonic practices.

CD & digital release available at Boomkat here

Boomkat review:

London-based DJ/Photographer/AV artist Shelley Parker presents a compilation of 11 dark, minimal and experimental electronic tracks from Scanone, Kansas City Prophets, Cursor Miner, Filter Feeder and herself as the first release on her Structure imprint. The set opens to the sharp contrasts of oily black subbass and teeth-gritting noise on Structure's 'Zero Point Energy', before a Breaks-y charge from Kansas City Prophets 'Drome' and the sci-fi scape electro of Scanone's '1002' and his spiky remix of Shelley's 'Nintendo Love'. Sound design expert Cursor Miner provides two of the biggest highlights on the elaborate electro-acoustic arrangement of 'The Rite Of Wrong' and the harrowing 'There Was A Boy', while Shelley's own 'Masquerade' stands out for its robust mechanical syncopations and Filter Feeder stretch out into two abstract Techno vortices. Limited edition CD housed in a black clamshell case.